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Music of the Spheres


I just ordered two copies of your new book  for the KB Journal Review.  I hope I can get Victor McIllhenny to review it for the Special Summer issue.  So good to see the lead-fisted, large brained Johnny Blue Heron back in action.  You have struck a vein here with this wonderful character whose complex intelligence does not interfere with his ability to copulate.  He is our man and our model for the 21st century.


Andy King

The book was just great.  I am only sorry it ended way too soon, (an hour before the flight landed).  It was clever and funny - Weevil was such a good character - reminds me of every police person I have ever known and I really liked Stella.  I am looking forward to the next one, I do hope Blue and the police chief get together again at least for a night or two.  I will be listening for the "Music of the Spheres" every time I can't sleep and walk out to look up at the black starry desert sky.

Dianne Baumann

Hats off to you: Music of the Spheres is, to put not too fine a point on it, a literary jump forward from Swan Dive. It’s a pleasure to see such keen development in a writer in so short a time, particularly given your late entry into the field. You've seemingly transferred your artist's eye into a different form, which you are now sculpting as you have done with your plastic art. 

The style, as I had mentioned to you previously, is a minor tour de force, the combining of 30's Noir language with a modern context, leaving the reader (this one at any rate) with the feeling of Chandler or Cain, yet able to associate fully with the current moment – a neat turn that you’ve pulled off.

Peter Shire

This is just a brief note to say congrats and let you know how much I enjoyed Music of the Spheres. Susan and I are in St. Petersburg after a long flight and a long layover in Frankfurt due to a Lufthansa mechanical problem and a missed flight out of Frankfurt. But I was thoroughly captivated by the music and enjoyed the break from my administrative duties and my usual academic reading.

Jim Zappan

Swan Dive, Michael Burke’s first mystery novel, was one of the best new mysteries I’ve read in years; a tightly crafted, racy crime story, featuring Johnny “Blue” Heron, that kept me guessing right to the last page.

Now, in Music Of The Spheres, Burke has done it again.  He sends Blue on another challenging case where he faces murder and blackmail, strippers and thugs.  Just when you feel quite at home in the crumbling New England town, Burke will toss in a clever, and often humorous, plot twist. 

I’m becoming a fan of ‘Blue,’ and can’t wait for the next adventure.

Helen Hobbit, Iowa City

I really enjoyed Music Of The Spheres.  For the critical mystery reader there are no loose ends in the plot.  It’s tight, sexy and fast moving.  The tale is told from the view of detective (Blue), which lets us follow his roaming mind as he muses on thoughts of the cosmos and whatever young beauty is in his sight while solving a puzzling mystery.  I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down.

Jimmy Smidgeon, West Palm Beach

Bravo!  Keep ‘em coming!  My only complaint is that Music Of The Spheres is too short.  Hey Burke, how about adding a couple of hundred more pages.

“Bike-man” Jones,  Route 6”